The short answer is: 1) you’re haven’t purchased these optional upgrades, or 2) you’re not running the core-capable version of Isadora.


To allow us to continue to support older versions of Mac OS, there are two versions of Isadora:

Isadora = Mac OS X 10.3.9 and earlier
Isadora Core = Mac OS X 10.4.0 and later

The version called “Isadora” will run on 10.3.9 and earlier, but does not include the core features. The version called “Isadora Core” will run on 10.4 and later, and is capable of running the Core Video and Core Audio actors.

But just because you downloaded Isadora Core doesn’t mean you automatically get the Core Video or Core Audio actors. We’ve kept the Core Video and Audio options separate, for two reasons:

  1. The Core Video plugins differ quite a bit in “style” from the normal Isadora video plugins; notably they refer to the image in pixels instead of Isadora’s normal percentages, which make them a bit more tricky to work with.
  2. Not everyone needs the Core Video and Core Audio features.
  3. They are not available on Windows.

You can add the Core Video upgrade at any time by simply purchasing the Core Video upgrade for US$25. We’ve included a few more details about the Core Video and Core Audio options below.

About the Core Audio and Video Upgrades

The optional Core Video upgrade (US$25) makes all of the Mac OS X Core Image processing modules available as modules in Isadora. Because these modules do the video processing on the graphics card, they are very fast. In addition, any Quartz Composer modules installed on your system will also appear as a module in Isadora.

The optional Core Audio upgrade (US$25) makes all any Audio Unit plugin available as a plugin in Isadora. Adding this feature allows you to do sophisticated sound processing within Isadora.

Note that both upgrades require Mac OS X 10.4 or later and the Isadora Core version of Isadora.

Once the purchase is complete, you will re-register your copy of Isadora using the standard procedure online. Once you have re-registered, the new modules will appear the next time you start up Isadora.

Finally, please note that the Core Video and Core Audio features are in public beta. There is very little documentation and there may be a few bugs. Nevertheless, many people are using these features happily. If you are fine with this, you may purchase the upgrade.