If you purchase to a new computer, or – heaven forbid – your computer is lost or stolen and you need to move to a replacement, you simply need to register Isadora on the new computer. To do this, you need the license name, serial number, and password given to you when you purchased the program.

There is no de-authorization procedure for the old computer. Instead, we allow you to generate up to three registration codes per year. to cover situations like the ones above.

The registration count is reset to three by request. If you attempt to re-register and our system tells you that you have no registrations remaining, simply contact us via the support form. First choose "Licenses/Registration" next to "Type." Then choose "My registration count needs to be reset" in the popup that appears below below

If you can't find your registration information, go to the support form and choose "Licenses/Registration" next to "Type." Then choose "I can't find my registration information" in the popup that appears below.