Using the License Portal

The License Portal web interface is a convenient tool where you can manage your Isadora license(s) and customer information.

While Activation and Deactivation can be handled directly in Isadora, the License Portal is useful when do not have direct access to your previously activated software. For example, should you need to re-install Isadora after replacing a computer or re-installing your operating system you can use the License Portal to deactivate your old system so you can activate Isadora again.

You can access the License Portal from your web browser at the following URL:

You can use the license portal to:

  • Recover your License ID and Activation Password
  • Change your customer contact information
  • View and manage details about your registered Isadora installations
  • Deactivate Isadora on a machine you cannot access so that you can activate it again on a different machine.

Managing Your Customer Information

Your email address is used to link all purchases, subscriptions and rentals together in the License Portal. It is important that you confirm your email address in the License Portal before making any new purchase, subscription, or rental so that your software registration can be handled in one License Portal. 

Furthermore, your e-mail address is the best way to recover your Isadora information should you lose your Isadora License ID and Activation Password, or your License Portal Login ID and Password.

You can use the “Forgot your password?” link to retrieve all your information by providing the e-mail address you used to purchase Isadora. Your will receive a secure e-mail containing your customer and license information.

Remember, your Customer Login ID and Password are not the same as you Isadora License ID and Activation Password! Your Isadora License ID and Activation Password are only used to activate Isadora, whereas your Customer Login ID and Password are only used to access the License Portal.

Deactivating Isadora using the License Portal

To remotely deactivate Isadora from the License Portal:

1.    Log in to the License Portal using your Customer Login ID and Password

2.    Click the “Licenses and Activations” button

3.    You will see a list consisting of your active licenses:

4.    Choose the Isadora license you want to manage by clicking either the License ID or Product Name. You’ll see the following page:

5.    This shows your current license information, including your License ID and password, date of issue (and expiry, for rentals and subscriptions) as well as the number of remaining activations.

6.    To deactivate an Isadora registration, click the “Manage Installations” button.

7.    You’ll see a list of installations. Click the red “X” to deactivate a machine. A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm your choice.