Isadora 3 Video Tutorials 17

The sixteen part "Isadora 101" series hosted by Monty Martin starts from the very beginning. These videos will help you you to understand Isadora's basic functionality, movie playback, live video input, real-time interactive control and more. If you're new to Isadora, then these tutorial videos are the place to start.

Isadora 2 Video Tutorials [LEGACY} 19

⚠️ These tutorials are for older versions of Isadora. For the latest tutorials, please jump to the Isadora 3 Video Tutorials folder at https://support.troikatronix.com/support/solutions/folders/13000017887

Tutorials - Scripting, Sensors and Interfacing 22

These advanced tutorials are your guide using Isadora with computer sensing equipment, third party applications, and even computer code.

How To 25

Ready to move beyond the basics of using Isadora? These tutorials show you how to work with Isadora’s intermediate features, including Open Sound Control, Projection Mapping, and multiple cameras or displays.

Performance Optimization 10

Your guide the most efficient playback and performance for projects large and small.

Guru Sessions 22

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio started broadcasting live sessions twice a week that focus on specific topics in Isadora. All of these live sessions are recorded and ready for you to watch at any time.