To activate your copy of Isadora with Sassafras Keyserver, you need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that you've installed the Keyserver Client on your computer and that you are connected to your institution's network.
  2. Check connectivity to the Keyserver using the "KeyAccess" Control Panel (Windows) or System Preference Pane (macOS) supplied by Sassafras. (This item is installed when you install the Sassafras client.)
  3. Download your custom Isadora Keyserver package using the link our sales and licenses team has provided.
  4. Unzip the file. Inside you will find your custom Isadora installer (the file that ends with ".dmg" (macOS) or ".exe" (Windows) and two versions of Sassafras license files that end in ".lic"
    • If you are using Sassafras Keyserver v7.1 or earlier, install the license file that ends with "pre-v72.lic" in the Keyserver Data Folder and go to step 5.
    • Otherwise, if you are using Sassafras Keyserver v7.2 or later, install the file that ends simply with ".lic" in the Keyserver Data Folder.
    • The path for the Keyserver Data folder is as follows: 
      • Macintosh: /Applications/Sassafras K2/Server/KeyServer Data
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Sassafras K2\Server\KeyServer Data
  5. If you want Sassafras Keyserver to immediately recognize the new license file, you will need to restart the server. Otherwise, you need to wait approximately 30 minutes for Keyserver to recognize the file.
  6. Use the installer (.dmg file on Mac, .exe on Windows) to install Isadora on your computer. Then double-click the application.
  7. If all is well, you'll "Registered User" appear in the "splash screen" that appears when Isadora starts up. You can double-check that all Isadora features are enabled by choosing "Save As..." from the File menu. If Isadora will let you save a file, you're good to go!

If you try this procedure and encounter problems, please contact us via the support form and we'll be happy to help.