Please note: This article is regarding Isadora 2 licensing only. For the latest information on Isadora 3, please refer to the Get It page:

To fully enable Isadora, you will use information we give you to generate a registration code that will authorize Isadora to run in fully-enabled mode on a specific computer.

Isadora Standard Edition licenses are platform-specific, so the user must choose either Mac or PC when they buy a license in our shop.

The end-user license agreement states that you will run each Isadora license purchased on one computer only. If you attempt to run two copies of a single-seat license at the same time, one of them will be forced into demo mode. 

There is no "de-authorize" procedure for Isadora. Because of this, for each single-seat license you purchase you will be able to register the software up to three times per year. This takes into account the fact that you might purchase a new computer, have a serious crash, or otherwise need to re-register the software. It is not intended that you use these registrations to install fully-enabled versions on multiple computers. If you use up your three registrations before the anniversary of your purchase, you will have to wait until the next anniversary before you can re-register the software.