Below you will a package of additional open-source FreeFrameGL plugins for Isadora, which will work in other FreeFrameGL compatible applications as well.


  1. Download the TroikaTronix FreeFrameGL Pack for macOS and Windows.
  2. Follow the installation instructions in the "read me" document included with this download.

IMPORTANT: In this package you will find two folders: one labeled Recommended and the other labeled Not Recommended.

The "Recommended" folder contains the FreeFrameGL plugins we recommend using with Isadora. The "Not Recommended" folder includes older plugins we offered when Isadora did not offer an equivalent GPU enhanced plugin. Isadora now has native plugins that are usually more sophisticated than these legacy FreeFrameGL plugins. Please avoid using the "not recommended" plugins unless you have older patches that require them.


  • FFGLAlphaToRGB: Video converter. Converts the alpha channel of a video stream to a black and white video stream.

  • FFGLGradient: Video generator. Creates a horizontal color gradient from one color to another.
  • FFGLHeat: Video effect emulates the look of the output of an infra-red camera
  • FFGLPanSpinZoom: Video effect allows you to horizontally or vertically pan the image while simultaneously zooming in and out.
  • FFGLSlider: Video affect allows you to move the image horizontally or vertically, wrapping the image around the edges as it does so.
  • FFGLTile: Video effect scales down and repeats the image horizontally or vertically.
  • FFGLTime: A demonstration plugin that displays the elapsed time since the plugin was activated in large block numbers.


We strongly recommend that you do not use the following plugins in new patches!!! The equivalent Isadora actor is shown for each of the older FFGL plugins below.

  • FFGLAddAlphaChannel: Uses a second channel of video to impose an alpha mask on a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Add Alpha Channel actor.
  • FFGLBlur: Performs a box blur on the video stream.
    Use Isadora's Gaussian Blur actor.
  • FFGLBrightness: reduces the brightness/intensity of a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Video Fader actor.
  • FFGLChromaKey: Performs a chroma key Similar to the Chroma Key actor in Isadora
    Use Isadora's Chroma Key actor which offers more sophisticated control of the keying.
  • FFGLColorizer: increases or reduces the individual red, green and blue channels of a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Colorizer actor.
  • FFGLCrop: Crops an image by creating a black border on the left, top, right or bottom of a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Crop actor.
  • FFGLDesaturate: Reduces the color intensity of a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Desaturate actor.
  • FFGLFlip: Flips an image horizontally or vertically.
    Use Isadora's Flip actor.
  • FFGLFreeze: Captures and holds a still image from a video stream.
    Use Isadora's Freeze actor.
  • FFGLInvert: Video effect. Inverts the color of a video stream, making it look like a photo negative.
    Use Isadora's Negative or Invert actors
  • FFGLLumaKey: Combines two images, using the brightness of either the foreground or background image to determine which image shows through.
    Use Isadora's Luminance Key actor which offers more sophisticated control of the keying.
  • FFGLMirror: Mirrors the left side of the image so that the right appears as a reflection.
    Use Isadora's Reflector actor which offers more sophisticated control of the mirroring effect.
  • FFGLMotionBlur: Creates a moving blur effect accumulating the video stream.
    Use Isadora's Motion Blur actor.
  • FFGLPremultiply: Premultiplies a straight alpha video stream by it's alpha channel.
    Use Isadora's Alpha Tool actor.
  • FFGLUnpremultiply: Unpremultiplies a video stream with premultiplied alpha by it's alpha channel.
    Use Isadora's Alpha Tool actor.
  • FFGLVideoMixer: Allows you to combine crossfade between two video images.
    Use Isadora's Video Mixer actor as it offers several additional options and does not scale the images if their resolutions don't match.