Before you can save your work, you need to activate Isadora 3 with a valid Isadora 3 license.
When you purchase your license, you’ll receive an email with your eight-digit License ID and eight-character alphanumeric License Activation Password.
Once you have your license information, you can activate Isadora 3 by taking the following steps while your computer is connected to the Internet:

  • Launch Isadora 3.
  • From the menu, choose Isadora > Help > Activate.
  • Input your License ID and License Activation Password in the fields in the dialog box which appears.
  • Click “Activate Online”.

Once the information is verified, Isadora is activated! All Isadora 3 features will be enabled and you can now save your work.

If you're using the Isadora 3 USB Key Version, click here for instructions on how to register your USB Key.

If your computer can’t connect to the internet, click here for instructions on how to activate Isadora offline.