Activating Isadora normally requires an internet connection, but it is still possible to activate Isadora with a computer which can’t connect to the Internet with the following steps.
To complete this process you will need to use another computer which does have Internet access, as well as a portable data storage device (a USB flash drive is recommended). 

  1. Connect your portable data storage device to the offline computer, and launch Isadora.
  2. From the menu, choose Isadora > Help > Offline Activation.
  3. Input your License ID and License Activation Password in the dialog box.
  4. Isadora will create an Activation Request File. Save this file to your portable data storage device.
  5. Disconnect your portable data storage device from the offline computer, then plug it into the online computer.
  6. On the online computer, navigate to the directory where you saved the Activation Request File on your portable data storage device, and open the file.
  7. This will open the Manual Request page of the License Portal.
  8. Press "Download" and save the ‘response.xml’ file to your flash drive.
  9. Disconnect your flash drive from your online computer, and reconnect it to the offline machine.
  10. Click "Load Activation Response and Deactivate"
  11. Select "response.xml" on Flash Drive

This completes the offline activation.