You can remotely deactivate Isadora from the License Portal:

  1. Log in to the License Portal using your Customer Login ID and Password.
  2. Click the “Licenses and Activations” button.
  3. You will see a list consisting of your Isadora 3 licenses.
  4. Choose the Isadora 3 license you want to manage by clicking either the License ID or Product Name.
  5. This opens a new page which shows your current license information, including your License ID and Activation Password, date of issue (and expiry, for rentals and subscriptions), as well as the number of remaining activations.
  6. To deactivate an Isadora license on any given computer, click the “Manage Installations” button.
  7. You’ll see a list of installations. Click the red “X” to deactivate a machine. A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm your choice.