Isadora 3 will run on almost any contemporary Mac or Windows computer. However, your system requirements may vary based on the scope of your projects. 

Most computers manufactured in the past 3 to 5 years (since 2016) will be suitable for experimentation, workshops, and small-scale performances. Isadora 3 will run on older machines, but double check to ensure your computer is compatible with the latest operating systems.

If you’re looking to explore all the capabilities Isadora 3 has to offer, or are planning to use Isadora 3 in a professional setting, we recommend working on a computer with a quad-core processor, a dedicated graphics card, solid state storage, and at least 16 GB RAM. 

For ambitious, highly experimental, or large-scale performances which involve professional-grade live-performance equipment, we recommend you carefully research computer equipment to find the best option for your project needs and budget. If you’re looking for help finding the right computer, feel free to post on the TroikaTronix community forum to ask for suggestions. Many Isadora designers and artists have found success using a wide range of computer hardware and are eager to share their knowledge.

This article outlines the exact system requirements for Isadora 3.