Below is a quick breakdown of the different Isadora 3 license types available.
You can purchase your Isadora 3 license on the Get It page!



A perpetual Isadora 3 license for one computer. This option is best for those who prefer a one-time purchase to use Isadora primarily on one main computer.
Each perpetual license you purchase allows you to activate Isadora 3 on up to two computers at a time. if you wish to move your license to a new computer, you must first deactivate Isadora 3 on your current computer.

USB Key 

A Isadora 3 license which is tied to a USB Key. You can register multiple machines to work with your Isadora 3 USB Key. Your Isadora 3 license is activated while the USB Key is connected to a registered computer. This lets you easily move your Isadora 3 license across multiple registered machines. 


A subscription to Isadora 3 which automatically-renews on a monthly or annual basis. While your subscription is active, your license is automatically upgraded to the latest version of Isadora. 


Activates Isadora 3 for a 7-Day rental period. This option is ideal for a show control computer operating Isadora for the run of a single production. 


Users who own a Standard or USB Key Edition for a prior Isadora version may upgrade to the current version at a discounted rate. 


We have a special version of Isadora 3 which works together with Sassafras Keyserver, a third-party licensing system used by many large institutions. The Sassafras Keyserver edition of Isadora, which is offered at no extra charge, allows you to install the application throughout your institution, but to run only as many licenses as you have purchased. 

If you wish to use Sassafras Keyserver, you must purchase it directly from; TroikaTronix does not automatically supply you with this software.