Isadora 3 perpetual licenses are purchased as a single one-time payment and remain valid indefinitely.
When you purchase an Isadora 3 Perpetual license, you’ll receive a special License ID and Activation Password via-e-mail which you can use to activate Isadora 3 on your computer. Once activated using a perpetual license, Isadora 3 remains fully enabled indefinitely, with no online connections required. Once you've purchased your license and received your license information, you can learn how to activate Isadora 3 here


All Isadora 3 Perpetual Licenses are cross-platform, and may be used with both Windows and macOS. You don’t need to make any changes to your license if you decide to switch to a different operating system.

Multiple Computers

You may activate your Isadora 3 Perpetual license on up to two computers, though you may run it only on one machine at a time. If you purchase a new computer, you can easily migrate your license to a new machine by deactivating Isadora 3 on your old computer first. You’ll then be able to activate Isadora 3 on your new machine.

Upgrading your Perpetual License

Perpetual licenses are not automatically upgraded when a new major version of Isadora is released. However, discounted pricing is available for owners of an Isadora perpetual license who want to upgrade to the latest version.