What is IzzyCast?

IzzyCast is a new feature that allows you to share high-definition video, audio, and data among any number of copies of Isadora located anywhere in the world.

Can I See IzzyCast in Action?

Yes. Please watch our demonstration of the alpha version of IzzyCast recorded during the International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in September 2022.

When Will IzzyCast Be Released?

We are currently offering a private beta to select users, and will make a public offering early in 2023. (This schedule is subject to change, so please check back here for the latest information.)

How Will I Pay For IzzyCast?

IzzyCast uses a "pay as you go" plan, similar to cell phone plans you may know. When you are ready for a production or event, you will, "top-up" your IzzyCast Account by purchasing bandwidth in the form of "IzzyCast Credits". (IzzyCast Credits are defined in the next section.)

After you've topped up your account, you'll be provided with an IzzyCast Account Key that will allow you to create an IzzyCast Session.

What is an "IzzyCast Credit"?

An IzzyCast Credit represents one minute of bandwidth for one participant in an IzzyCast Session. That means the maximum IzzyCast Session duration is the number of IzzyCast Credits you've purchased divided by the number of participants logged in to the session.

For example, if you purchase 60 IzzyCast Credits, the maximum session duration for a host and one participant (two people) would be 60 ÷ 2 = 30 minutes; for a host and two participants (three people) it would be 60 ÷ 3 = 20 minutes, etc.

How Much Will IzzyCast Credits Cost?

We have not yet set the IzzyCast Credit price yet, but rest assured our pricing will be competitive.

How Reliable Is IzzyCast? Does it Require Complex Network Setup?

IzzyCast is built on the Zoom VideoSDK, which uses the same infrastructure as the Zoom application we all know. This means IzzyCast requires zero network configuration and offers the reliability/uptime we associate with Zoom.

Will the Price of an Isadora License Change because of IzzyCast?

No, but using IzzyCast requires that you purchase IzzyCast Credits from us. The actors (i.e., plugins) required to use IzzyCast will be offered at no charge.

Does IzzyCast Require Purchasing an Isadora License?

No. IzzyCast requires only that you pay for the IzzyCast Credits. It will be possible for participants to use IzzyCast by downloading Isadora and using it without a license (for free) in “demo mode” (the only limitation of which is that it cannot save). That means that participants need only download and install Isadora, and double-click the Isadora "patch" (.izz file) you supply to them.

You will, however, need a licensed copy of Isadora to create and save the custom patch used by the participants.

Has Isadora Itself Changed to Be Able To Support IzzyCast?

No. The IzzyCast feature will consist of four new actors (i.e., plugins) that we will make available via our Add-Ons page once IzzyCast goes public. Depending on the popularity of this new feature, we may more deeply integrate IzzyCast into Isadora sometime in the future.

Why Is This Feature Not Free?

IzzyCast is built on the Zoom VideoSDK. For IzzyCast to work, we need to purchase bandwidth from Zoom and must therefore pass this cost on to you.

Still Want to Know More?

For even more detail, you can hear Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio and TroikaTronix team member L Wilson Spiro answer questions about IzzyCast during their recent appearance on Office Hours.