Below is a basic description of how to use IzzyCast.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the IzzyCast actors in Isadora, see this article.

Starting an IzzyCast Session

To use IzzyCast you must open an IzzyCast Session by launching Isadora on your computer and using the IzzyCast Create Session actor.

Joining an IzzyCast Session

Participants can join an IzzyCast Session on their own computers by running Isadora and using the IzzyCast Join Session actor with the IzzyCast Session ID provided by the host.

Sending and Receiving Video, Audio, and Data

Once they are connected to an IzzyCast Session, the host and the participants can use the IzzyCast Broadcaster actor to send video, audio, and data into the IzzyCast Session which can then be received by anyone in the IzzyCast Session by using the IzzyCast Receiver actor.

Getting Video, Audio, or Data from a User

When anyone uses the IzzyCast Create Session or IzzyCast Join Session actors, they must give themselves an IzzyCast User Name. This user name should be unique within the IzzyCast Session because the IzzyCast Receiver actor uses this name to pull in video, audio, and data from the specified user; if two participants choose the same user name, one of them should rename themselves.

Changing Your Name in an IzzyCast Session

Hosts and participants cannot rename themselves while they are in an IzzyCast Session; they must leave, rename themselves, then re-join the IzzyCast Session. In the case of the host, this means they would automatically close the IzzyCast Session upon leaving. If they were using a Single-Use Session ID, the host would need to create a new IzzyCast Session and distribute the new Session ID to the participants. If they were using a Reserved Session ID, the participants would need to rejoin the IzzyCast Session using the same Session ID after the host left, changed their name, then re-enabled the IzzyCast Session.