A 30% academic discount is available to all academic institutions and a 50% academic discount is available to all students and individuals of academic institutions for all Isadora 3 products except for the USB key itself, the Monthly Subscription License, and the 7-Day Rental License. 

Additionally, the academic discount for students will only be applied for a single year and must be renewed. To receive an academic discount code, you must first submit proof that you work at or are attending a recognized academic institution.

Academic Discount Application Process

Create Support Ticket

  1. Open a new support ticket
  2. Choose "Sales/Licenses"
  3. Choose "I want to apply for an academic discount" just below the previous field.

Submit Proof of Academic Status

  1. The email you use to contact us must be within the domain of the institution.
    • For example, if you are a student at New York University, then your email must end with "nyu.edu".
  2. If you are faculty, please send us a web page from your institution's main website that shows your name and position so we can verify your affiliation.
  3. If you are a student, please send us a scan of your valid student identification card, ensuring that we can see the expiration date. Please make sure this scan is no more than 1MB in size and is a jpg or png.
  4. After we’ve reviewed the information, you’ll receive a “coupon code” that allows you to receive academic pricing in our online store.

Academic Discount + Yearly Subscription

Please note that students purchasing an Isadora Yearly Subscription are only entitled to the 50% student academic discount on an annual basis. In order to renew your student academic discount , you must cancel your subscription through FastSpring and resubmit proof of enrollment before being billed for a second consecutive year. If you do not, FastSpring will bill you for a second consecutive year without the 50% discount.

FastSpring does not allow the use of purchase orders for subscription products; you or your institution must pay by card.