First, please make sure that you have downloaded the USB Key Driver from the TroikaTronix Downloads page. If can be found under "Related Downloads > USB Key Driver". If you have already downloaded the USB Key Driver and are still getting an error, please follow the steps below.

On macOS, the USB registration file is written inside the Isadora application itself.

While applications look like a single file on macOS, they are actually a folder with several items inside. This special type of folder is called an Application Package. If you received an error when attempting to register your USB Key, it is usually a permissions problem with the Application Package.

There are two possible ways to solve the problem:

If you were not logged in as an administrator when you tried to register previously, then:

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Attempt the registration procedure again

If that doesn’t work, then please follow these steps

  1. Quit Isadora if it is running
  2. Go to the Isadora application
  3. Select it
  4. From the Finder, choose File > Get Info
  5. Click the little “lock” icon at the bottom right to unlock the permissions; you’ll need to enter your password
  6. In the line that says “everyone,” change the setting from Read to Read & Write
  7. Close the Window

Try the registration procedure again. If you are still unsuccessful, then please create a new support ticket.