There is a bug in the standard (i.e., non-USB Key) version of Isadora 2 and earlier where the application incorrectly reverts to demo mode. This problem has been experienced by a small number of users; we have not been able to recreate and solve the problem. 

NOTE: This issue does not affect Isadora 3 thanks to the new license and registration system. If you are experiencing a similar problem on Isadora 3 or later, please get in touch with us by sending a support ticket.


When running under Windows operating system Isadora reverts to demo mode. Usually, this will be accompanied by a dialog telling you that Isadora has reverted to demo mode. The dialog provides some system information at the bottom to tell why this has happened.


Based on user reports, it seems this bug is related to having some kind of external drive connected to your computer, especially a mobile phone or other device connected via bluetooth, which appears as a disk drive (i.e., in the same manner as a USB memory stick.)


Return your system to the same configuration it had when you registered Isadora.

For example, if the problem appeared after connecting your mobile phone to the computer, do the following

  1. Disconnect the phone
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Start Isadora

This will often solve the problem.

The only issue with this workaround is that it isn’t always obvious which device is causing Isadora to become “confused.” But anything connected via bluetooth, and anything that might appear as a memory device should be suspect. We do not believe that things like keyboards, mice, video displays, etc., are causing this to problem to occur.


At TroikaTronix we’ve never been able to recreate this bug, though we have tried many times. If you can determine precisely which device caused the problem, we would very much appreciate receiving precise information about the device: make, model, etc.