The shortcuts are available in PDF format for printing.

Isadora 2 Application Keyboard Shortcuts

On Windows:
Use Ctrl instead of Cmd
Use Alt instead of Option

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Cmd + ASelect All
Cmd + Option + DragSelect only links while dragging a selection rectangle.
Cmd + BClear
Cmd + CCopy
Cmd + DDuplicate
Cmd + EStart Live Capture
Cmd + FToggle Actor Filter
Cmd + GShow Stages
Cmd + HHide Application
Cmd + IInsert Scene
Cmd + JShow Property Values
Cmd + KGraphic Display Toggle
Cmd + LLive Capture Settings
Cmd + MShow Media Window
Cmd + /Show/Hide Information Panel
Cmd + NNew
Cmd + OOpen
Cmd + PPrint
Cmd + QQuit
Cmd +RRename Scene
Cmd + SSave
Cmd + TTake Snapshot
Cmd + UOpen Status Window
Cmd + VPaste
Cmd + WClose
Cmd + XCut
Cmd + YHide Property Values
Cmd + ZUndo
Cmd + 1Open Most Recent File
Cmd + 2Stage Live Edit Enable/Disable
Cmd + 3Reconnect Link From Input
Cmd + 4Open Stream Setup
Cmd + 5Show Cue List Editor
Cmd + 6Show Cue Sheet
Cmd + 7Show/Hide Toolbox
Cmd + 8Open Serial Port Setup
Cmd + 9All Notes Off
Cmd + 0Open Midi Setup
Cmd + ;Preferences
Cmd + \Show/Hide Names
Cmd + /Show/Hide Information Panel
Cmd + +Collapse Actor
Cmd + =Expand Actor
Cmd + [Hide Property Names
Cmd + ]Show Property Names
Cmd-Shift + [Hide Values
Cmd-Shift + ]Show Values
Cmd + ,Stop Live Capture
Shift (while linking)Create multiple output links from one output
Cmd-Shift + ASearch for Actor
Cmd-Shift + BSave Backup
Cmd-Shift + CShow Controls
Cmd-Shift + DAuto-Snap Enable/Disable
Cmd-Shift + EEnable Edit Mode
Cmd-Shift + FForce Stage Preview
Cmd-Shift + GGrid Snap
Cmd-Shift + HBring to Front
Cmd-Shift + IImport Media
Cmd-Shift + JSend To Back
Cmd-Shift + KSet Font for Selected Controls
Cmd-Shift + LEdit Grid Settings
Cmd-Shift + MStart Recording Stage
Cmd-Shift + NOpen Monitor Window
Cmd-Shift +OControl Specific Options (not working?)
Cmd-Shift + PPause/Resume Engine
Cmd-Shift + Q- (not in use) -
Cmd-Shift + RRename Actor
Cmd-Shift + SShow Actor/Control Split
Cmd-Shift + TEdit Control Settings
Cmd-Shift + UShow/Hide Alignment Image
Cmd-Shift + VPaste in Place
Cmd-Shift + WUser Actor - Save & Update All
Cmd-Shift + X- (not in use) -
Cmd-Shift + YYUV Mode Toggle
Cmd-Shift + ZRedo

IzzyMap Projection Mapping Tool Shortcuts

IzzyMap Projector - Keyboard Shortcuts
CCenter Selection
ECenter and Expand Selection
spaceInspect Element in floating window
(when a slice is selected)
MSolo Master
tabCycle through display options INPUT>OUTPUT>SPLIT H> SPLIT V
+ (plus)Zoom In (multiple click)
- (minus)Zoom Out (multiple click)
AAuto Align (snap to)
HBezier Mirror Horizontally
VBezier Mirror Vertically
DBezier Mirror Diagonally
WDetailed Mesh Overlay
Backspace (PC) / Delete (Mac)Deletes a mapping point when selected
Cmd + Mouse WheelZoom In and Out on the display
Cmd + ZUndo Last Step
Right Click on a Mapping PointPublish/Unpublish Interactive Element
to the Projector Actor