Recently, several users have reported slowdowns in Isadora, and it seems that services that do online synchronization of files may be causing the problem. We have definitely seen this problem in relation to Adobe Creative Cloud on Mac OS Sierra.

If you are experiencing noticeable slowdowns when working with Isadora, please try turning off not only Adobe's Creative Cloud, but also synchronization services like DropBox Synchronization, Time Machine or anything of this nature. Try turning these services off one at a time so that you can isolate which software is causing the problem.

Several Isadora users have reported that turning off the Creative Cloud "Widget" returns Isadora to normal speed. If you discover a different software which is causing slowdowns, we would very much appreciate you writing on the forum about it.

Creative Cloud Users Run the Cleaner Tool: In Adobe forum post "My install of Adobe Creative Cloud is significantly slowing down internet" you will see dozens of messages about system wide slowdowns when running Creative Cloud. At the top of the Adobe article, they suggest that Adobe's Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool may solve the issue.

WARNING: You must uninstall all of your Adobe CC applications to use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool!!!

For more on the cleaner tool, go to this link:

If try this procedure to and it helps, please let us know in the TroikaTronix forum.