The Mac-only CI actors, offer a number of unique capabilities, however; they are not developed by TroikaTronix.
They are functions supplied by the MacOS, and not all CI actors available work as expected with Isadora 3.

Following is a list of CI actors know to cause problems, and are best to be avoided.

Freeze Isadora:

  • CI 3 by 3 convolution 
  • CI 5 by 5 convolution 
  • CI 7 by 7 convolution 
  • CI Affine Clamp 
  • CI Kaleidoscope
  • CI Zoom Blur 

No video output:

  • CI Blend With Alpha Mask 
  • CI Blend With Mask 
  • CI Color Cube 
  • CI Color Cube with ColorSpace 
  • CI Horizontal 9 Convolution / CI 
  • CIConvolution9Horizontal 
  • CI PDF417 Barcode Generator 
  • CI Vertical 9 Convolution / CI 
  • CIConvolution9Vertical Classic 
  • CI Picture Player 

Can easily cause high CPU usage:

  • CI Depth of Field 
  • CI Disc Blur 

May crash:

  • CI Exclusion Blend Mode