Updates to macOS security features in 10.15 (Catalina) will quarantine plugins that have not been notarized by an Apple-approved developer if they have been downloaded from the Internet or installed by methods such as drag & drop. Plugins that are not notarized are quarantined by the system, preventing them from being loaded.

As a result, when you attempt to load Isadora with quarantined plugins, you may receive an error message that prevents Isadora from loading.

Whenever possible, you should obtain updated plugins that are notarized for macOS 10.15. All current TroikaTronix plugins have been fully notarized.

Workaround for Old Plugins Which Are Not Updated for macOS 10.15

For older plugins that are not notarized, Isadora users can remove the quarantine flag by using the following script. You must be logged in with Admin user privileges to do so, and the plugin should be installed in an Isadora plugins folder.

  1. Download and unzip the archive below.
  2. Open the file in the Script Editor app.
  3. Hold down Cmd-Option-Shift and then press the letter "s" to choose "Save As…".
  4. Set "File Format" to "Application" and click "Save".
  5. Once the application is created, open the Isadora plugin folder which contains the quarantined plugin.
  6. Help > Open Plugin Folder… and then choose the folder where the plugin is stored.
  7. Drag the plugin from the folder onto the Remove Quarantine app.
  8. Restart Isadora.