You can rent a temporary Isadora 3 license for a short period (typically 7-days).

A rental license is perfect for short-term uses such as experimenting with a licensed copy of the program before purchasing a full license, operating Isadora for the run of a production, or for the participants of workshops. 

Rental Period 

Isadora 3 rentals are currently offered for a 7-day period.
The rental period begins once a rental license is first activated, and cannot be extended. Each rental license allows 1 activation of the most recent version of Isadora on a single computer. Once the rental period is over, Isadora 3 automatically reverts to Demonstration Mode.

VERY IMPORTANT: Purchasing more than one rental does NOT extend the duration of the rental!
Purchasing more than one only increases the number of computers on which you can activate the license. If you need Isadora for a longer period, please purchase a Monthly Subscription. Rental licenses cannot be extended and expire after a set number of days starting from when the first activation is used. 

Activating your Rental License 

When you purchase an Isadora 3 rental, you’ll receive an e-mail containing a special License ID and Activation Password which you can use to activate Isadora 3 on your computer. Learn how to activate Isadora 3 here.