Isadora 3 licenses may be purchased for a recurring monthly or annual subscription period. This subscription renews automatically, and you are billed on either a monthly or annual basis. Your computer must be connected to the internet at least once per month to verify the status of your subscription.

When you purchase an Isadora 3 subscription, you’ll receive a special License ID and Activation Password which you can use to activate Isadora 3 on your computer. Once activated using a subscription license, Isadora 3 remains fully enabled as long as your subscription remains active. Once you've purchased your license and received your license information, you can learn how to activate Isadora 3 here.

Purchasing more than one subscription does not extend the duration; your subscription automatically renews on either a monthly or annual basis. Purchasing more than one only increases the number of computers on which you can activate the license.

Cross Platform

All Isadora 3 Subscription Licenses are cross-platform, and may be used with both Windows and macOS. You don’t need to make any changes to your subscription plan if you decide to switch to a different operating system.

Multiple Computers

You may activate your Isadora 3 Subscription license on up to two computers at the same time. If you purchase a new computer, you can easily migrate your license to a new machine by deactivating Isadora 3 on your old computer first. You’ll then be able to activate Isadora 3 on your new machine.

Automatic Upgrades

When the next major version of Isadora is released, all active Isadora subscription licenses will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of Isadora!

Cancel Anytime

You may cancel an Isadora 3 subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription, your Isadora 3 license remains valid until your next scheduled billing date. After this date, any installation of Isadora 3 using your license information will automatically revert to Demonstration Mode. 

Deactivating the license on your computer does not automatically cancel the subscription, you must manually cancel subscriptions using the link provided with every emailed invoice.