Summary: An introduction to generating visuals in real-tme for beginning users of Isadora.

This session is designed for Isadora users of all levels.

Today's installment is called "The Self Generating Patch" and is designed for novice to intermediate users of Isadora. During this session, you'll learn about using actors like the Envelope Generator and the Wave Generator to create some simple generative visuals. More importantly, we'll spend time on scaling values, making sure you understand the concept and can use it in your own creations, because understanding scaling is the gateway to creating sensitive interactive patches.

If you do the assignment, please contribute your self-generating patch in this forum thread.

Download the materials for this session.

Watch the session. (8m28s)

Contribute: Upload patches you've created as a result of Mark's assignment

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About the "Guru" Sessions: Each session is a recording a live broadcast in which Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio takes you on a "deep-dive" into one of Isadora's many features.