Summary: How to build custom actors (i.e., plugins) from Isadora existing built-in actor toolbox.

This session is designed for Isadora users of all levels.

In this sesswe'll introduce you to Isadora's User Actors and Macros. This powerful feature of Isadora allows you to group together several Isadora actors to create a new custom actor of your own design. We'll start by explaining the difference between User Actors and Macros and showing how they can streamline your workflow. Then we'll carefully build a few together, so you can learn how to change and update multiple instances of the same actor, and - if you like -- how to share your actors with the Isadora community.

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About the "Guru" Sessions: Each session is a recording a live broadcast in which Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio takes you on a "deep-dive" into one of Isadora's many features.