Summary: Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio answers questions posted to him live by the Isadora community.

This session is designed for Isadora users of all levels.

To mark the completion of our first full month of "Guru Sessions", we're going to host an open session where Mark will spontaneously answer your Isadora questions live. You can ask your questions in the live chat, or pose them in advance below. We encourage you to join us with your favorite beverage in hand (it's always cocktail hour somewhere!) and to have some fun as we celebrate the curiosity of the Isadora community together.

Download materials and finished patch for this session.

Watch the session. (9m40s)

Links to Questions & Answers in this Session:

  1. Is it possible to make a cylindric arrangement of the 3D Ropes actor?
  2. In the v002 Rutt Etra actor, how does the point sprite video input work? Mark also presents our User Actor and Plugins in this section.
  3. Is there a way to randomize the image on particles when using the 3D Particles actor?ç
  4. On IzzyMap is it possible to project the alignment lines and the grid numbered points directly on the external output screen?
  5. In the Edit Text control in the Control Panel, is there a way to use the return button without jumping to another line? And once you press enter, could the text could be reset to blank?
  6. What are your thoughts on XR/AR? Might Isadora venture into these areas?
  7. Could you offer some guidance guidance on what one might broadly call "good practice" in these areas:
  8. Can we have the output of Isadora as a webcam?
  9. Does the order of the Projector actors in the scene matter even if you designated layers?
  10. For User Actors and Macros, is the execution order of the inputs the same as a normal actor?
  11. For Izzy3 can you still download third party FFGL plugins as long as they are 64 bit? and still put into the same "IsadoraPlugins_x64" folder? (Mark also explains how to install a FreeFrame plugin.)
  12. Is there a node based editor to create FFGL plugins for Isadora that works on mac and windows?
  13. I like a rough go through about putting (more than one) video streams from far away into Izzy and sending them back to the same or a different place.
  14. What are the most exciting things you currently see in the arts to deal with current situation.
  15. I like the agility with which you work with programming Isadora in terms of being responsive to users and nurturing a community of practice. The ecology around Isadora is forever shifting and changing as opportunities for extending its compatibility with other hardware and software progresses forward. How do you see that ecology now and into the short term future in relation to what can be supported and what can be leveraged for creative work over the next two years or so?
  16. Could we have basic laser control in Isadora?
  17. Is there a way to ensure the particles never fade out when using the 3D Particles actor?
  18. Can you explain how you match polar coordinates?
  19. Is there a way to use to NDI to integrate isadora with gaming/3D realtime engines like Notch or Unity?
  20. Can you get a projected image to stay perfectly within a tracked object?
  21. Can there be a guru session about integrating ArtNet and DMX into Isadora?
  22. Is it possible to create the "ghost image" found in NI-Mate only inside Isadora?
  23. Is it possible to respond to the mouse button and scroll wheel in the same way the Keyboard Watcher responds to keys on the keyboard?

About the "Guru" Sessions: Each session is a recording a live broadcast in which Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio takes you on a "deep-dive" into one of Isadora's many features.