Summary: How to Facilitate Remote Performances Using Isadora

This session is designed for Isadora users of all levels.

For this special "guru session", Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio will show you the potential of using Isadora as a tool to facilitate remote performance, a topic that is high on everyone's minds right now. We'll cover Isadora's new Screen Capture actor which allows any portion of your screen to serve as a video input, leveraging Isadora's NDI® implementation to live mix multiple video streams from Skype, how to send Isadora's stage to YouTube or Twitch using the free open source broadcasting software OBS, and more. Basically, we're going to go over everything we can think of that will empower you to create online shows in the time of social distancing.

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Watch the session. (9m40s)

About the "Guru" Sessions: Each session is a recording a live broadcast in which Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio takes you on a "deep-dive" into one of Isadora's many features.