Summary: In this session for advanced Isadora users, we discover how to create panoramic projections using Edge Blends in the new Stage Setup editor.

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In this session, Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio will show you how to create panoramic projections using multiple projectors (even if you don't have projectors to work with while following along.) You learn about the tools and techniques needed to blend the output of multiple projectors into a single, continuous image. You'll learn more about Isadora 3's Stage Setup editor and its associated Blend Maker tool, how to use blend curves to create a seamless blend, and how to prepare your media so that it meshes perfectly with panoramic output.

About the "Guru" Sessions: Each session is a recording of a live broadcast in which Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio takes you on a "deep-dive" into one of Isadora's many features.