Configuring the RTMP Streamer actor to connect with Facebook Live requires a few simple steps on Facebook's Create Live Stream web page, and the setting two inputs in Isadora's RTMP Streamer actor. You will need to set both the 'server url' input and the 'stream key' input of the actor using the information provided in the Facebook Create Live Stream interface.
Facebook provides instructions for setting up streaming software here. Below adds details specific to setting up Isadora's RTMP Streamer actor.

Create a Facebook Live Stream

  1. First, open
  2. Click the 'Create Live Stream' link provided. Which opens your Facebook Live Producer page.
  3. You will be asked some questions about what you want to do with Live Producer. These can be changed later, so selecting the defaults is fine.
  4. When you are asked how you wish to connect to Live Producer and are given options which included: Use Stream Key, Use Camera, and Use Paired Encoder
    Be sure to select 'Use Stream Key'. This is the method Isadora uses to connect via RTMP.
  5. Once you select 'Use Stream Key' the page loads and displays a number of stream settings and a stream preview window (located bottom right).
    Live Stream Setup is the section that has the values needed for Isadora to connect with Facebook via RTMP.⚠️⚠️ WARNING: KEEP YOUR STREAM KEY PRIVATE! ⚠️⚠️ You need keep your stream key private, otherwise others could stream to your channel without your permission! The stream key is hidden from view in Isadora, but can be read by others when someone clicks on the 'stream key' input value of the RTMP Streamer actor. If you need share a file that includes the RTMP Streamer actor, you must be sure to clear the 'stream key' input first!

Connect Isadora to Your Stream

  1. The Isadora RTMP Streamer actor supports a standard RTMP stream, and therefore the defaults provided by Facebook are ideal for the connection.
    - The Facebook interface provides COPY buttons for the important settings we need.
  2. You need to copy the Server URL to the 'server url' input of the RTMP Streamer actor. 
  3. You need to copy the Stream key to the 'stream key' input of the RTMP Streamer actor.
  4. Keep the Facebook webpage open. The video preview on the webpage will be solid black/blank and says 'Connect streaming software to go live'
    Once you activate the RTMP streaming in Isadora the video image will appear in this video panel (within a few seconds, depending on network speeds) 

    Note: a persistent stream key can be used making reconnection easier at a later time.