Newer versions of Isadora can always files saved with an older version. So, for example, any Isadora 3 version can load a file saved by any Isadora 2 version.

However, an older version cannot open a file saved in a newer format.

For example, we changed the file format when we released Isadora 3.1, which means a file saved with Isadora 3.1 cannot be opened by 3.0.7, because the 3.1 file format is newer than the 3.0.7 format.

For Isadora 3, these are the versions that introduced an new file format:

  • Isadora 3.1
  • Isadora 3.0.7
  • Isadora 3.0.6
  • Isadora 3.0.3
  • Isadora 3.0