Benefits of the USB Key License Model

Using a USB Key license is the fastest cross-platform option for quickly moving a license from computer to computer and is ideal for bouncing between a number of computers quickly, especially when internet access is not available. It is also ideal for academic institutions that wish to "check out" licenses to students, faculty, or staff. With an Isadora USB Key license, you can run Isadora on any computer in which the key (i.e., "dongle") is inserted. Just insert the key, start up Isadora, and you'll be able to edit and save your patches.

Shipping Information

When you buy an Isadora 3 USB Key Buy-to-Own License or a Perpetual to USB Key Crossgrade in the online store, it will take one to three weeks for the key to arrive (depending on your location). Once we have shipped it, you will receive a notification email with tracking information for your package so you can follow its progress. Immediately upon purchasing, you will be sent a temporary license so that you can begin working right away.

Start Right Away! - Temporary License Provided With Purchase

For each Isadora 3 USB Key License and/or Perpetual to USB Key Crossgrade you purchase, our system will automatically create a 30-day temporary license for the Standard (non-USB key) version of Isadora 3 and email you the license activation information. This email will be sent directly after your purchase and will also contain instructions to help you get started right away. (If you don't see the email after a few minutes please check your spam folder!) Each temporary license can be activated on up to two computers and will allow you use the save-enabled version of Isadora 3 while you wait for for your USB key to arrive. Each temporary license can be migrated between computers using the activation/deactivation system built into the program and can be managed via the online License Portal. Once your USB key arrives, you'll switch to using the USB key version of Isadora and the USB key licensing system (which does not use the online License Portal).

Once Your USB Key Arrives - Register a USB Key License on a New Computer

Download USB Key Version of Isadora

  1. Go to our Get It page
  2. Under the "DOWNLOAD" section, find "ISADORA 3 USB Key Version"
  3. Click on the Mac or Windows symbol to right (as appropriate for your operating system).

Download USB Key Drivers

  1. Go to our Get It page
  2. Under the "RELATED DOWNLOADS" section, find "USB Key Driver (Required if you use a USB Key)"
  3. Click on the Mac or Windows symbol to right (as appropriate for your operating system).
  4. Download the drivers
  5. Restart your computer.

Register USB Key License on the Computer

  1. Go to our Get It page
  2. Under the "REGISTER" section, find and click on "Isadora 3 USB Key Version - You have a USB Key"
  3. Follow the instructions written there.
  4. If you cannot find your USB Key Registration Information, please create a new support ticket

The first time you use the key on a given computer, you'll need to enter a special six-line registration code. These six-line registration codes are/were sent to you when you purchase(d) a new USB key license, when you upgrade(d) a USB key license from an older version of Isadora to the newest version of Isadora, and when you purchase(d) a Crossgrade to convert a Isadora 2 Standard Edition for Mac/Windows license (Isadora 2) or an Isadora 3 Perpetual License to a USB Key License.

  • For Isadora 3, the same six-line registration code will work for both Mac and Windows. 
  • For Isadora 2, there are separate six-line registration codes for Mac and Windows. (Make sure you use the right six-line registration code for the operating system you're using!)

You're All Set!

After that, simply insert the USB Key, start up the USB Key Version of Isadora 3, and you'll be able to edit and save your patches.

If I lose my USB key, can I purchase a replacement?

Unfortunately, lost and stolen USB keys cannot be replaced. We have no choice but to maintain this strict “No Replacements” policy because we cannot verify that a USB key has actually been lost or stolen. If you lose your key, you will need to purchase a new Isadora 3 USB Key License, (not just a replacement USB key). We advise you to be very careful with your USB key – it is worth the price of a new Isadora 3 USB Key License! This policy is also stated clearly on the online store.