An Isadora 3 USB Key license is permanently associated with a special USB Key (or “dongle”) This perpetual license is purchased as a single one-time payment, and you’ll be shipped a physical USB Key which fully enables Isadora on a computer while the USB Key is connected to the machine. 

Learn how to register a computer with your Isadora 3 USB Key here.

Cross Platform

The Isadora 3 USB Key is cross-platform, and may be used with both Windows and macOS. 

Multiple Computers

A computer must be registered the first time it’s used with the USB Key, but there’s no limit to the number of computers you can register to your key. However, Isadora 3 is only activated while the USB Key is plugged into the computer, so only one computer may be enabled at any given time (the one the USB Key is connected to).

Using an Isadora 3 USB Key license is the fastest cross-platform option for moving a license from computer to computer and is ideal for bouncing between a number of computers quickly, especially when internet access is not available.

Upgrading your Isadora 3 USB Key License

Isadora 3 USB Key licenses are not automatically upgraded when a new major version of Isadora is released. However, discounted pricing is available for owners of an Isadora perpetual license who want to upgrade to the latest version.

Lost and Stolen Keys

Please be aware that we cannot replace a lost or stolen Isadora USB Key. If you lose your key, you will need to purchase an entirely new Isadora 3 USB Key License -- not just a replacement key.

We have no choice but to maintain a strict “No Replacements” policy because we cannot verify that a USB key has actually been lost or stolen. We advise you to be very careful with your USB key – it is worth the price of a new Isadora 3 USB Key License!

This policy is stated clearly on the online store when all USB Key purchases are made.