If you need to move your Isadora show file to another computer, follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Place the Isadora show (.izz) file in a folder
  2. Place all of the media in folders that are at the same level as the .izz file

Here’s an example layout:


my-show-file.izz (Your Isadora File)

Movies Folder


Pictures Folder


If you organize your files and folders this way, Isadora will automatically find all the media when you open your .izz file on the new computer.

Please note that Isadora will run in demo mode on the second computer unless:

  1. If it is registered on that machine (Standard Edition)
  2. If your have inserted your USB key into that machine (USB Key Edition)

To learn more about moving your Standard Edition license to another computer, see our article "How do I move my Standard Edition license to a new computer?"